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This is great!! I can’t believe how much I have been missing in Walmart just looking at clearance. This will help my business tremendously. Thank you Ryan and Danny for doing this!!!      – Dennis

I have been in other Whatsapp groups and this is by far the best     – Kevin

This group is awesome, I have learned more the last few days than the last 5 months. I greatly appreciate it Danny and Ryan.    – Daniel

I can’t put into words how excited I am and especially blessed to be in this group!!    –  Kathy

I’ve been in probably 8 paid groups this year and Danny and Ryan’s is hands down the best one ever.   – Lisa

Before this group, I was getting so frustrated with RA that I didn’t even want to include it in my business model anymore!  My $/hour was so low and I would always find myself in a race to the bottom as soon as the items went live.  Now, RA is fun again!  I can walk into a store and spend $400 (I know not to Danny’s level) in just an hour or two!  Danny and everyone who helps and participates is so awesome words can’t describe!  Best Training/Coaching/Mentoring Ever!!!    – John

Today as I was finishing up my last shipments before heading out on vacation on Friday, I began to think about how this group has changed my Amazon business for the better. The feeling like I can take a week off and my business still run with better sales numbers than I have ever had before outside of q4 is exciting. Everybody is and always be in a different place in their business and that is ok.  Never in million years did I think that Walmart and Dollar Tree profits would be paying for my bills every month.    – Kelly

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